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هذا الباب يوضح على الخريطة ابعاد الهوائيات من أجل استقبال جيد لتردد معين

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القمر الصناعي 
  الحزمة: Astra 1M
الترددات: Astra 1M  

التقارير المفصلة و التعاليق عن هذا التردد

2019-10-31 16:18:39Wiking40 (31.9N-31.8E,85cm) 100% Quality and Signal strength in Prague,Czech Rep.

2017-01-05 14:11:56topscorer (-,120cm) 52°43′00″ 41°26′00″ 100%/75%

2014-08-09 04:13:28SoyCanguro (38.6N-1.2W,80cm) 98%s 85%q

2013-06-06 15:05:50libremovil (28.2N-16.1W,85cm) Tenerife signal 90% quality 72%

2012-06-10 17:18:49atorpi (39.0399-14.4799,80cm) Ottimo segnale da Striano

2012-02-26 14:14:09manxx55 (22.4N-41.1E,120cm) ? 11612-22000 do not signal at KSA

2011-04-29 00:47:09Samer-LB (29N-35.6E,120cm) those signals 12304,12382 give 2% on my reciever interference might affect signals

2011-04-29 00:41:15Samer-LB (29N-35.6E,120cm) signals 99 percent on 1.2 (17.3) DB for wide beam but eurpean beam do not exist except 12441 but it will go to 14 percent 2.3 DB during miday

2011-04-14 09:50:45GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Fantastic signal, also from 78cm.

2011-01-17 11:29:49saadi1 (31.6N-35.6E,180cm) Hey desertpeter you can receive ARD now via Hotbird again, but it seems to be only for limited time

2010-12-08 10:21:31Desertpete (-,120cm) HD+ excellent to receive with 120cm dish on Astra 1M at Bahrain

2010-12-08 10:21:01Desertpete (-,120cm) Anyone have advise how to receive ARD at Bahrain, which satellite etc.

2010-12-08 10:19:18Desertpete (-,120cm) HD+ excellent to receive with 120cm dish on Astra 1M at Bahrain

2010-11-17 11:47:13saadi (33.7N-36.2E,120cm) can receive now the europebeam of Astra 1M partly in Amman Jordan: 10714 H, 10758 V, 10832 H, 10936 V more info:

2010-11-17 11:43:38saadi (33.7N-36.2E,120cm) Good reception of the german channels on the widebeam with 170 cm PFA dish focussed on HOT BIRD / Astra 1M on Multifeed(Analog: NDR, RBB, NTV, MTV, tele5, DSF + digital MTV/VIVA/Nick DEUTSCHLAND) loc: Damaskus

2010-09-20 14:57:10henriIV (32N-34.9E,100cm) bonne reception astra 1M

2010-07-27 22:32:10fanzi (34.3N-34.4E,180cm) CYPRUS: 11739,11973,11992 strong signal. 12304,12382,12662 no signal

2010-07-27 21:47:17fanzi (34.3N-34.4E,180cm) CYPRUS: 11739,11973,11992 strong signal. 12304,12382,12662 no signal

2010-07-03 20:24:16carl badog (-,0cm) tiszta vétel

2010-06-26 09:08:11fs789 (32.1N-35.1E,180cm) ? can i receive astra 1h in palestine with 1.8 m ?

2010-06-26 09:04:32fs789 (32.1N-35.1E,180cm) ? can i receive astra 1h in palestine with 1.8 m ?

2010-04-15 20:26:11Greg2k (40.3N-3.7W,80cm) No problem with 80cm dish in Madrid. Sin problemas con antena 80cm en Madrid.

2010-02-03 17:26:42damaskus (33.8N-36.3E,170cm) Can receive all astra 1H and 1M Widebeam frequencies stable with a flat ku band 1.7m dish

2010-01-14 06:51:40sadi (50.9N-35.8E,180cm) 1M Widebeam works wery well almost 100% ... 1M european nothing here in jordan/amman

2009-12-07 23:09:23al55 (27.4N-44.6E,0cm) a good reception in both analoge and digital in wide beam

2009-10-13 14:45:20fanta (-,90cm) astra1m beem for tehran?

2009-10-03 09:29:02coventry (52.2N-1.6W,80cm) ? Very good reception from Coventry (UK) of all French TNTSAT and FTA chanels with a 53cm dish size.

2009-07-22 08:58:50athensat (-,180cm) ? transponder 12441V Arenasat passed from Astra1F to Astra 1M.Very strong signal in Athens with 110cm Mabo dish.

2009-03-31 15:11:27plexpartner (56.2N-16E,80cm) Very good reception in southeast of sweden.

2009-01-30 12:57:56Anamurlu (36.1N-32.5E,120cm) Although it says 120 cm., I actually receive most channels with a 150 cm. Prime Focus dish. LNB type: Invacom TWF-031 with Flens ADF-120. Older Astra´s, G & H, I receive with my motorized 120 cm. dish.

2009-01-29 18:36:34kobasutra (41.4N-44.4E,120cm) Wides beams are received at 65% in Tbilisi, Georgia on 1.2m dish

2009-01-24 20:53:00hangebicom (41.4N-44E,240cm) 11720, 11758, 11778, 11797 are very strong. 12188 very weak. Others not receivable yet.

2009-01-21 00:14:33iandoh (52.1N-3.9W,90cm) 90% Signal from this bird on a 43cm dish in Liverpool UK.

لتتمكن من ارسال التقارير، يجب ان تحدد موقعك الجغرافي وقطر الهوائي المقعر في الصفحة Profile page

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